MOD Yaesu FT DX3000

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MOD Yaesu FT DX3000

Postby Zavhoziy » Fri Feb 05, 2016 9:11 pm

Modification for FT-DX3000 to transmit on all available frequencies.

As you know the Yaesu devices have a vast list of abilities, which normally are locked down. These instructions will open your device to the full of its potential and will allow you to utilize high grade equipment on all HAM frequencies, including CB and 6 meters.

1. You may want to write down or backup all of your settings because all of these settings will be lost after 'CPU Reset'.
2. Disconnect the radio from all power, accessories, and antennas prior to attempting this modification.
3. (recommended) Use a grounded low power thermo-control soldering iron.
4. Turn the radio over and take off the back cover.
5. Locate the control board (right front corner) you will see 9 jumpers, marker 1 through 9.
5. Add a solder bridge to pad number 5.
6. Reassemble the radio.
7. Do a FULL RESET: Hold the "FAST" and "LOCK" buttons in while pushing the "POWER" switch to ON.
The TX range is now 1.8-30Mhz and 50-54Mhz.
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