How 37 banks became just 4

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How 37 banks became just 4

Postby Zavhoziy » Mon Feb 08, 2016 1:06 pm

This is a report from the LinkedIn. When I saw that I decided to post a comment under it. Here is an actual graph and comment:
I can NOT speak much for the past, but starting since 2007 it is almost impossible to obtain the new banking license. Your best bet was to buy an existing bank. With large scale of acquisitions and mergers we lost such an ability as well, virtually killing competition in the industry. Do you remember good old times, when the service provider was for the client? Well, now the client is for the service provider. I do not think we need to split up large banks. We need to infuse the competition. Younger and smaller guys will introduce new services, better the quality of service. Big banks would have to adopt and improve themselves or eventually go out of business. It calls free economy.
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